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Building Your Brand

Marketing, promotion, advertising, and websites are all tools used to strengthen your brand identity. Your brand is much more than a logo or a business card. It’s how people think, feel, and most importantly react to your business.

What We Do

Building your brand is simple. We start from the beginning, with a fresh look at your business—big or small—and take it from there. We talk about the ins and outs, where you want to be in a few years, and your ultimate goals. We understand your uniqueness, what sets it apart from the others. From there we can build your brand identity.

Marketing Plans

MC gets to know your target customer. We determine where they are and the simplest way to let them know about your business. We chart out a map of your field, showing the positions of your competitors. After examining all the pieces, we’ll plan your course. This is the position we recommend for your brand—to take full advantage of the marketplace opportunities.

Pulling it all Together

MC uses the same simple concept in its design work. Fresh, clean solutions speak to your customers. We design everything with them in mind.

Website Marketing & Social Media

A web presence is vital to any business and even more important is making sure your customer can find you. MC builds easy-to-navigate, device-friendly custom websites with design elements that are related to your logo and brand identity.
We know the latest in website and social media marketing: responsive design for every device, email marketing direct to your customer base, posts that attract potential customers and win over everyone.

Let’s talk about how we can make marketing simple for you.